Acapella for those who wish to remix.



Hold the mic like you truly do love it
Maybe even ditch the vocal tracks
That’s foo Brotha
Dudes wanna
Continue rhymin on they training wheels I guess I’ll hit this open mic even though it’s raining still
Chances are the damn hipster won’t start on time
But if he do by chance
They gon hit with the starter rhymes
Or openers them fellas always on the frontlines barely on beat and can barely use punch lines

Some guys
Love to cut in lunch line
Then look at you all smug when you have to punch eye
That shit would baffle me
Like sejibot at Apple bees
But you learn to let it slide
Another fuck to pass the week
While On topic yeah
I’m all outta fucks to give
Ready for the rumble don’t you stumble imma BUST YA SHIT

Tell it from a tall tall mountain hill
That Säge the 64th can hit you with astoundin sounds n feels
The average can lick the bottom crack of this timberland boot if they’d rather sit mad and bitch
So I’m onnat wit yo ass if you
naggin shit
Asking me to smoke
Knowin well you ain’t matching shit
Niggas often hide
Like a wolf in sheep costume
Cheap harpoon to the heart of each quadroon talkin like
they wasn’t with them guys when called coon,

or porch monk
“Will it change?”
of course son.
Just takese a little elbow grease and some force uh..
Maybe one day we can make the swift changes
Script pages for the future faces in our space kid/ show these young whipper snapper here that rap is ageless


from Talking Shoes / Spoon Bender (Single), released April 14, 2021
Produced by: R.Gibson
Vocals by: R.Gibson


all rights reserved



Säge, The 64th Wonder Chicago, Illinois

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