I'm the one rapping ninja who aint weebin theres a reason that seasons change when I put pen to sheet bitch
trappin with the niggas on the daily tryna make due
would shape fools into the Gods whom they would pray to
Most of them thought that I was dead on this rap tip
but that's it
now I've gotta start applying pressure
cause the lessers who were once behind are now front and center
So "Enter"
The leader of the pack said with interest.
Get this
The fool didn't have on any armor
So when I Struck
He Struck
But I Struck Collar anndd
He started rollin on the dojo floor hollerinnn
I told him at the bar to NOT bother me
But aye
"You can't save everyone"
thats what the cookie said
Fortune on 100 so them niggas never took me bread.
Alls well
now we're chillin in the front row
But leave it to the Gung Ho
Nigga with that dumb hoe
Runnin off the plug now this fella's out for gun smoke
I told ya g
all these bodies ruining the fun tho (Ha)
Now we gotta take our business to the front yall.
Before they try to run yall
Pockets to the sockets
Now you're blown like a rocket
and now I can't stop it
so the shoe is on the other foot
Nigga- How you rockin?
Sage, The 64th Wonder steppin out the cockpit
Knowin damn well aint no mortal gon top this..


from THE GODS HERE ARE STUPID (EP) (2021), released February 1, 2021
Vocals by: Receo Gibson
Produced by: Seji-Bot


all rights reserved



Säge, The 64th Wonder Chicago, Illinois

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