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by Säge, The 64th Wonder

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shortfuzeraps Sage really stepped his game up on this album. Basura is the perfect way to kick off this album. Favorite track: Basura (feat. Kyd Wahlee).
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JEZI YALL AINT UP ON THIS?!?!?!? Favorite track: Allium.
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[Seji] Mmm alright I’m here. all might for five years spent all nights in that trap with all rhymes small fries were alright alongside a tall sprite interviews every week with those who didn’t give a fuck was kinda tiring made it kinda hard just to really find the hype in things but oh well here we are I’m rapping here so cheer me on once again we’re tryna seal these frauds do you feel me I’m 50% BOT so my arms are for building and I don’t know what to do with these bars so I’m slipping down uhh these niggas trash basura and their rhymes are ass their tryna rapppp while gasping on their backing tracks it’s kinda wack you signed the 'tract (contract) took advance can’t stack it back went from paid in full to straight relyin on that magic jack had it back in 06 when no sols were on my post.. shit fuck it I’ll let the beat continue with my verse then.. [Kyd Wahlee] Power is king Buying powers a kink. Black power is excellence You can't fuck with my team. made investments in rap, Before they branded their heads Before the gang had a patch That's why we stay in some bread. How long that grant gonna hold you When you move on impulse. get yourself a long term if you really wanna take off. To the moon like doge I bought a couple of those 10 months before the super bowl I made cash grow. Goose bumps on flesh I'm so Damn cold. Notebook frost bit ink skate on the flow. 80s baby as of lately I been feeling the glow. Manifest, howard roark I know I'm the goat. Basura bars, synonym a whole in the wall. We were working you were tugging your balls. Blew a quieter of the runtz thats the strand of the year. If you still buying dimes get the fuck from round here.
[Seji] As I Step in the chamber for the hyperbolic favor Kami-Sama’s on they ass about his Senzu weed and paper Hey sir I’ve attained said resources For labor Can I start the training now? I’m getting antsy for the day uh. Do your daily shadowboxin In the compo If an enemy arrives imma have to have you stop tho Cause 12 of them against me is suicide Cannot go! I hear the same snares, percs and kicks like “I got those” All theres left to do is lace the greatness wit a bot flow Not yos Bomy in the back whippin nachos Yeah on occasion I can settle wit the tacos Could sure go for soup Damn im all outta stock tho Onward to the kitchen lad Hope I find some rappers there Idling about wit they hoes in they Applewear And me sitting in the corner wondering how I grab a pair Bomy and my boogert You know what I’m do sir Meet me out back in bout 5 of em black I see em eyin me tryna get a rise imma snap Learn ya lesson Start accountin blessings Before your name is etched in Stone for the restin RIP THE NECK CHIN. Carpet neck niggas always first when talkin bitches I’m in stitches Off the fact you really fell for that ol vixen she’s a Fixin for a vick who’s never had a chance to hit it Word of advice to my fellow Man Quit it I saw the same bitch all up on the cat n 401 Could tell he got lucky whiff of ball, ass n Pork bun Bitches in these traps cackle All laughs Poor cucks Warren buff money In my sons sons trust fund That’s the goal once I’m Finished with this press run After maybe 5 more albums imma press done Used to give a fuck about the rappin Then the trappin came Name changed a bunch Cabin fever made me half insane
[Seji] Hold the mic like you truly do love it Maybe even ditch the vocal tracks That’s foo Brotha Dudes wanna Continue rhymin on they training wheels I guess I’ll hit this open mic even though it’s raining still Chances are the damn hipster won’t start on time But if he do by chance They gon hit with the starter rhymes Or openers them fellas always on the frontlines barely on beat and can barely use punch lines Some guys Love to cut in lunch line Then look at you all smug when you have to punch eye That shit would baffle me Like sejibot at Apple bees But you learn to let it slide Another fuck to pass the week While On topic yeah I’m all outta fucks to give Ready for the rumble don’t you stumble imma BUST YA SHIT Tell it from a tall tall mountain hill That Säge the 64th can hit you with astoundin sounds n feels The average can lick the bottom crack of this timberland boot if they’d rather sit mad and bitch So I’m onnat wit yo ass if you naggin shit Asking me to smoke Knowin well you ain’t matching shit Niggas often hide Like a wolf in sheep costume Cheap harpoon to the heart of each quadroon talkin like they wasn’t with them guys when called coon, or porch monk “Will it change?” of course son. Just takese a little elbow grease and some force uh.. Maybe one day we can make the swift changes Script pages for the future faces in our space kid/ then show these young whipper snappers here that rap is ageless
Easy Bake 01:30
[Seji] I’m the engineer got my gosling ginger beer may be flat I don’t give a ...inch of sheer give enoughs to even try to pitch or chuck this lovely can I sit with clutch bitch I’m not here to fuck I wear a mask just to nullify detection section triple 777 reads “you shouldn’t even stress it” like how seji eats his lettuce without even usin dressing de-pressing when you know that no man here can teach the lesson that you are your own god and you don’t need to scuff your kneecaps cause these raps will leave cats gawkin at they weak ass rhyme books I’m hooked slaughtering these time cooked easy bake nursery rhyming ass line cooks all on social media talkin all remedial all up in they feelings but them niggas still won’t see me though check em they rhymes reek of rectum ehem supplyin them these lines from my sols (sole) they my step sons except some who actually can rhyme and still rep some the ones that can’t are obviously just saltier than epson on a foot that’s been directed up the ass of all who step son it’s simple now you peep from this there is no contest the conquest of the slump is everlasting trust the process nonsense they said now I’m sittin scratchin noggin like how the hell they plan on even makin any commas instead they’d rather beef with local rappers Makin drama allah granted you the skill but still your work is hella caca no papa The bottdjin have dropped the show stoppas distenegrating all who grab the mic need no choppas rhymes so sick my son’ll say gross papa
[Seji] The people wanna hear ya blatant God’s honest fable on the table there lies the faulty contract they wrote doin 360s guess we gettin kinda thirsty huh? suppose you got the talent and the smarts should you worry much? maybe the thought signing overs kinda crazy though I could use the extra bread and butter for my baby trust funds for son and comfort living for my lady s’got me working over time on art and makin rockin waves g I figure if I write a song and drop it once it’s finished I’ll continue on the wave of droppin albums more consistent listen the rhymes I hear today are sorta shitty so I’d rather make my own little loops and get litty Sage 60 one plus this three has been resurrected so I guess I’ll funk this beat up into the heavens where the sky dad should be or would be if it even could be I’m not hear to preach I’m just speaking with my hood bleached holes in both kicks the conversations rowdy oughta grab the “shoe goo” I’m sick of all the shouting cause the shits been goin down for 'bout uh 20 days n countin back to basics focused on the main thangs like banging out these verses and arranging them to mainframe truth hurts your favorite rapper fucks wit slump if ya can’t fuck it most can’t even run wit us
Allium 01:31
[Seji] Even when I’m low I always shimmer brighter than the other stars within my galaxy Who often lie to fam We’re all within this shit And tryna make our livings better So what the fuck am I to do When all you really jesters just Clown azz niggas on the mic think they nice Until the wild sage appears within the night to enter fight/ I’m dealing light, normal, heavy blows/ Switching with the steady flow No need to rep the gang within this one cause you already know.. I’m claiming that I’ve been an inspiration to these local fucks I’m any case they’ll smile shrug it off and say I’m dope as fuck.. I hear it everyday Like “seji-Bot You’re really talented A multifaceted nigga who’s got the power mastered and honeeeed— to a level that will never meet comparison” I’m daring them To step up in the ring without the bearings then Move with all the energy they gave out that was scarin them and now I’m on the fence bout this flow and how unfair it is
[Shintendo64] We often talk about the niggas who ain’t fly Rockin chains wit they pants sagging past they thighs Aye guy What’s the word? You posin for play guy? Say why you talkin all that shit But can’t pay five bucks For the show that we brothas had played live Gettin mad just thinking on it as I let Blade slide Across the neck Of every writer dishin me fake vibes Tch I told em all that I ain’t with they type And then I got blackballed For calling out whack bars Funny how it panned for your boi in the last part Other entities With better like amenities have seemed to take the helm but it won’t last for infinity With my affinity To any of your silly speech Patterns that you call rap I can call cap Then I can maul all y’all Like the God Odd Ball I am Tell em that it’s all gone to Plan [Shintendo64] Ever since these rookies grabbed the mic they turned sissy off the fact that I can crush em once I burn upon the swishy Sorta fishy You bouta hit a mili Your bars are non-illy And you sold no tickies Tell me how the hell that work Fuck an algorithm Cause the listeners for you are barely here they apparitions No you got no bitches Nor do you have wishes to improve your damn writtens So at this point imma zip it Everyone and the momma swear they got the answers to this rap shit Yet they still ain’t got no herb to even match wit Hmm results I’m still tryna see em Niggas in they feelins shit they swear I’m tryna treat them But I don’t have the reasons necessary for the beating so for now just take my word if you wish to keep it chieftain Niggas know when I arrive to scene it ain’t even Steven Shia couldn’t even try to see this


An Album by Säge, The 64th Wonder.


released May 5, 2021


R.Gibson - "Säge, The 64th Wonder"
R.Gibson - "SHINTENDO64"
W.Jones - "Kyd Wahlee"
A.Madlock - "Sleep Sinatra"

All Production & Cutz handled by:

R.Gibson - "The W1tch Doctor"

Recorded/Engineered at SLUMP.LAND


all rights reserved



Säge, The 64th Wonder Chicago, Illinois

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